Why So Serious was created to debunk myths in society about a variety of issues from many landscapes including entertainment, politics and social justice. We hope to give readers interesting stories that challenge their perspectives on topics that are covered in the mainstream media but are not given the complete dissection.

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Twitter- http://twitter.com/wssnewsblog

Our Contributors

Simon Jun- Simon likes to challenge popular beliefs about numerous issues and is always ready to provide a counterpoint to a pre-conceived notion.

Rhee Browne- Interested in nerd culture and anything weird and wacky. Wants to show the quirky sides of life.

Lewis Warner-  Interested in video games and all things about them. Video games are fundamentally non serious, and yet they attract so much ‘serious’ attention. Time to fix that.

Rhys Woosnam- A music and film junkie who wants to provide a different perspective on content sharing throughout the world.


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